Color and adhesive catalog business called Mehregan. Mehregan trader date 15 Mehr 1380  Chemistry was established by the Sadeghi brothers. The first player to work with free products kenitex and adhesive into the Delta and the other agencies taking over the company's
 color and adhesive time and staff development and sales and distribution network after 10 years to become the center of a major player in the supply and distribution of industrial paints and adhesives, construction and household consumption and the types and resin powders and has been honored with the prestigious group of Iranian and foreign companies in this field is able to. . This is the part of its retail stores, known as glue and paint shop located in Karaj invertebrates - martyr Beheshti St. - between Myanjadh and 45 meters Golshahr - Apadana is located opposite the Forum, offering a wide range of products, ready to meet the needs of our fellow citizens in need Daramy is present. . Commercial products are distributed in invertebrates as well as the chemistry needed to produce and distribute various items and corporate partners are working partners Vsbb quick and easy access to shops and manufacturing companies with missing data and their needs is Technical and advisory work being done by professionals in the industry working with individuals and institutions in this area is.  With this in mind the experience gained in these years and for responding to the needs of our customers and partners to create spatial information and appropriate dissemination of clear information, the Bat accelerate and facilitate economic and trade relations between production and the right to establish a bridge of On the tenth anniversary of the store has been established.  . And it is hoped that cooperation with industry and with all people to complete the information to help the country's economic and industrial development days. With the introduction of reliable contractors and companies and individuals engaged in this industry and also set up sectors such as consulting, Tender trying to help consumers and the communication gap in this sector is able toThis is a comprehensive reference source on the paint, adhesives, resins and bring the decorations..  lots of love and your grace, beautiful and memorable moments for you  wish.

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